Külmkamber 1,95 x 2,82 m – kõrgus : 2,19 m – 8,96 m³


TOP outside insulation: 100 mm

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Miinimum summa 700€
Tootekood: TC1928 Kategooria:



  • Top-class cold storage cell
  • Temperatuurs kuni +65 °C can be reached
  • Including interior lighting
  • Prevents extreme low pressure within the cell
  • Optimal for maintaining stock
  • Particularly hygienic due to easy cleaning
  • Pikaajaline kasutusiga (normally 15 Jahre years ja more)
  • Easy subsequent disassembly or extension possible


  • Kvaliteetne toode valmistatud Euroopas
  • High precision ja stability
  • Väga vastupidav
  • Kompaktne ja tugev konstruktsioon


  • Välised mõõdud L x S x K: 1950 x 2825 x 2190 mm
  • Room volume: 8,96 m³

Wall construction

  • Easy assembly
  • Lots of space despite compact design
  • Sisu koos integrated emergency opening seade
  • Embedded turnbuckles for non-positive connection of elements
  • Corrosion-resistant turnbuckles create stability & joint sealing
  • Element connection by self-centring sealing system

Cell floor

  • Underbody ventilation
  • Pressure compensation valve
  • Fibre-glass reinforced plastic
  • On water-tight
  • Floor koos embossed surface for maximum adhesion
  • Floor koos patented anti-slip surface (Slip resistance classification R11)
  • High level of floor durability tänu multi-bonded pressure distribution plaadiga


  • Particularly energy-efficient due to the insulation at the top
  • Wall strength 100 mm polyurethane (free of HFC ja CFC)


  • Galvanised steel sheet koos zinc-aluminium coating
  • Värv: white, RAL 9002
  • All elements also equipped koos protective foil
  • Protective foil can be removed after assembly

Door features

  • Double uks
  • Jumbo seal
  • Stainless steel uks sill
  • Open ja lockable
  • High impact-resistant special plastic
  • Sisu koos integrated emergency opening seade
  • Door sealing strips guarantee top-quality seals
  • Door ja uks frame profiles made of special plastic
  • Prevents icing of the uks ja uks frame
  • Wrap-around easy-to-exchange uks frame heating
  • Direction the uks opens can be freely chosen. Please advise on preference when ordering!
  • Door position, as standard, central on the longest side. Please indicate when placing your order!


  • Winter equipment for outdoor use is available for an additional charge.
  • Special bodies possible – please enquire when ordering – special bodies are may not be returned!
  • Please indicate special requests such as uks stops or winter equipment in the comments field when ordering. Subsequent changes are not possible.
  • Transport without cooling unit
  • Sisevalgustus not included in deep-freeze cell delivery – interior lighting is included in purchase of cooling unit


  • Toodetud kooskõlas hügieeni- ja ohutusjuhistega
  • Vastab CE standarditele
  • In line koos EU guidelines (Halon regulations)
  • Materjalid vastavad Euroopa toidukaupade standarditele


  • Riiulid
  • Sisevalgustus
  • Jahutamine unit
  • Cold protection segment


Laius 1950 mm
Sügavus 2825 mm
Kõrgus 2190 mm

Sisemised mõõdud

Laius 1750 mm
Sügavus 2620 mm
Kõrgus 1990 mm

Door internal dimensions

Laius 800 mm
Kõrgus 1850 mm


Room volume 8,96m³
Temperatuur -20 °C kuni +65 °C
Recommended field of application -20 °C
“Temperatuur differences Up to &#916 T = 50 K (DIN 2055)”
Density 40 to 45 kg/m³
Pind colour RAL 9002
Permitted load/rubber wheel 200 kg
Permitted distributed load 30.000 N
Material thickness 0,63 mm
isolatsioon 100 mm
Load area 4 cm²


Saadetise tüüp transport
Transporditingimus demonteeritud
Kaal 600 kg