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Sahtliblokk 3x 1/3 [7SBI1313]

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1067.93 (+KM) 2351.20 (+KM) 1302.88

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suitable for KTI7, ZBI7, SAI and POI


  • Quality product made in Europe
  • Easy mounting
  • Drawer block: 3×1/3
  • Suitable for KTI7, ZBI7, SAI-P & POI Serie
  • Flat surface
  • Automatic self-closing drawers
  • Easy to clean


  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • High stability
  • Very resistent and durable
  • Brand-name telescopic rails by COMPEX (Made in Italy)
  • Due to their great stability and carrying capacity COMPEX telescopic rails can be pulled out COMPLETELY compared to other similar products


  • External dimensions W x D x H: 302 x 518 x 205 mm


  • Produced according hygiene and safety requirements
  • EU, CE and the product has been produced in accordance
  • Material corresponds to the European Food Product Standards


Width 302 mm
Depth 518 mm
Height 205 mm


Drawers 3 units


Shipping type parcel
Delivery condition dismantled
Weight 15 kg

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